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Education Services Committee

Currently, District 24 does not have an active Education Services Committee.  However, with a few keen volunteers, we can foster and develop professional development opportunities among the members of District 24. If this interests you, contact us about creating an Ed. Services Committee!

The duties of the Education Services Committee would be: 

  1. to foster and encourage professional development among the members of District 24,
  2. to keep the membership informed of professional development activities both in and out of the District,
  3. to co-ordinate, plan and conduct, throughout the year, various activities that would be of professional interest to the members of the District,
  4. to suggest to the appropriate Bargaining Unit Collective Bargaining Committees new clauses or amendments to existing clauses in their Collective Agreements with respect to professional development support and educational leaves,
  5. to recommend to District Executive the person to serve as the District’s Educational Services Officer

If you are interested in initiating such a committee, please speak to Trevor Ray, District President.


Contact Information

Trevor Ray

District 24 President

Office: 519-571-0331