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Human Rights Committee

Human Rights Committee

The Purpose of the District Human Rights Committee will be:

-to identify needs within the membership around human rights issues and then develop avenues to address those needs
-to provide recommendations to all Bargaining Units about policies and procedures that will endeavour to ensure equity and inclusiveness for individuals in our workplaces
-to develop resources that will create an awareness of human rights events, issues and speakers and to encourage our members to participate in conferences and events about human rights
-to offer workshops to our members about human rights issues
-to write articles for OSSTF and other publications to raise consciousness and sensitivity around current educational issues from a human rights perspective
-to act as an advisory group to local leaders when dealing with unique issues that are based on, but not limited to the issues of equity with regards to: religion, race and/or ethnicity, sexual orientation and/or identity and gender
-to advocate for all members of District 24 OSSTF by sharing human rights information with all employee groups

If you are interested in joining this committee, please email Trevor Ray, District President at trevorray66@gmail.com.

The chair for the DHRC, 2018-19 is Carol Pinnock (carolpinnock@gmail.com)

Click here for links and material related to Human Rights issues for use by our members in their classrooms and workplaces.

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Contact Information

Trevor Ray

District 24 President

Office: 519-571-0331