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In Memoriam

In Memory of our Colleagues

This page serves as a record of District 24 OSSTF members who have passed away while in active service.  As of September 2014, your District Executive decided to create this page as a living memorial to our lost colleagues.

On the occasion of a member death, our flags here at the District Office are flown at half mast for one week.  The member's name is also added to this virtual memorial. Beginning in 2015, we will plant a tree on the District 24 property in memory of those who have passed in each five year cycle (2015, 2020 etc.)

We hope this will become a historical record of our members as well as a tribute to their contributions as education workers.

Lost colleagues are also mentioned annually in a tribute moment of silence at our Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly in March of each year.

Alan Gilmore (1952-2014) Educational Support Staff Bargaining Unit
Jan Mitrik (1978-2014) Teachers/Occasional Teachers Bargaining Unit, TBU Collective Bargaining Committee Member 
Cindy Rosekat (1956-2015) School Monitors and Cafeteria Assistants Bargaining Unit, SMAC Executive Member.
Mark Hatt (1967-2015) Teachers/Occasional Teachers Bargaining Unit
Henrietta Klaasen (1965-2015) Teachers/Occasional Teachers Bargaining Unit

On October 7, 2015, our first memorial tree was planted on the District 24 Office property in remembrance of the above group of people. Trees will be planted every five years.


Robert Delsnyder (1957-2015) Teachers/Occasional Teachers Bargaining Unit
Caz Bentley (1960-2015) Teachers/Occasional Teachers Bargaining Unit, TBU Collective Bargaining Committee Member
Janet Scott (1959-2015) Education Support Staff  Bargaining Unit, ESS Executive Member
Jay Goman (1950-2016) Teachers/Occasional Teachers Bargaining Unit, TBU Collective Bargaining Committee Member
Jennifer Alsop (1972-2016) Teachers/Occasional Teachers Bargaining Unit 


Randy Hennick (1959-2017)
Custodial and Maintenance Bargaining Unit
David McKnight  (1956-2017) Custodial and Maintenance Bargaining Unit
Kelly Free (1965-2017) Custodial and Maintenance Bargaining Unit
Scott (Vernon) Thompson (-2018) Custodial and Maintenance Bargaining Unit
Hilde Wyse (1962-2018) Teachers/Occasional Teachers Bargaining Unit

Lyn Turner (1959-2018) Teachers/Occasional Teachers Bargaining unit

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