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Benevolent Council

Providing Assistance to Members

Benevolent Council exists for the purpose of providing assistance to active members who find themselves in extreme financial need due to:

(a) prolonged illness;

(b) accident; or

(c) extreme emergency.

This assistance can be benevolent relief grants of up to $3,000 in a Federation year or simply advice to recommend other ways/means to alleviate distress suffered by members. No active member may receive more than $5,000.00 in benevolent relief grants from Benevolent Council within a five year period. Please be advised that Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) considers benevolent grants to be taxable income to the recipient. In this regard, OSSTF will issue a T4A slip to a recipient early in the next calendar year for inclusion with a personal income tax return.  If you require further information, please contact your Bargaining Unit President or the District President.


1. Submissions shall be made by the District President, Bargaining Unit President or designate.

2. Application forms must be completed clearly and in full: page 1 by the District President, Bargaining Unit President or designate; pages 2 and 3 by the applicant.

3. A letter of support by the District President, Bargaining Unit President or designate must be included.

4. A letter from the applicant with personal information pertinent to the application must also be included.

5. Applications are to be forwarded to Provincial Office

For more information on Benevolent Council contact your Bargaining Unit President or Benefits Officer 


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