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Mediation Services

Let us not take thought for our separate interests, but let us help one another!

Mediation assistance is provided by OSSTF/FEESO members who are trained in mediation and conflict resolution.

The Mediation Services Resource Bank puts emphasis on fostering the development and growth of professional relationships that make our Federation stronger.  Their objectives are not only to be responsive when conflict has occurred, but also to be proactive in helping to build and maintain positive professional relationships and working environments.  Primarily, the Mediation Services Resource Bank mediators facilitate difficult conversations between Federation members who are in conflict. Attention is also paid to repairing the resulting harm to relationships so that members are better positioned to work more effectively with one another when the dispute has been addressed and resolved.

Members of the Mediation Services Resource Bank have the expertise and specialized training to provide mediation services to OSSTF/FEESO members and to provide tools and/or training on mediation as alternative dispute resolution.

If you feel you could benefit from the service please contact your Bargaining Unit President for more information.