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2019 Marion Drysdale Student Achievement Awards Winners

2019 Marion Drysdale Student Achievement Awards Winners!

OSSTF District 24 is pleased to announce our District winners in the 2018/19 Marion Drysdale Student Achievement Awards Contest. This year's theme was "Ahead by a Century".

District winners will now be entered for judging at the Regional and Provincial levels. Provincial winners get a $1000 prize! 

This year's District winners are...

A. Prose and Poetry Division

Category A-1: Prose and Poetry, Intermediate, 9-10 Academic:
Baye Goodridge from ECI with his piece "Comet" (Teacher: Jon Krys)

Category A-3: Prose and Poetry, Senior, 11-12 University:
Lillie Nadeau from GPSS with her piece "To Create and Destroy" (Teacher: Kelli Berrisford)

Category A-4: Prose and Poetry, Senior, 11-12 College/Workplace:
Hogan Randell from ECI for his piece "Strive for the Future" (Teacher: Jon Krys)

Category A-5: Prose and Poetry, French Intermediate, 9-10:
Peyon Wither from ECI for her piece "Je Suis la Terre" (Teacher: Jon Krys)

B. Visual and Media Division

Category B-1: Visual Arts, Intermediate, 9-10:
Sydney Farrell & Mackenzie Johnston from ECI for their photography "Proud to be Accepted, Proud to be Me" (Teacher: Jon Krys)

Category B-2: Visual Arts, Senior, 11-12:
Anna Winge Breen from CHCI for her picture "I Want to..." (Teacher: Conan Stark)

Category B-3: Digital Arts, 9-12:
Ebony Bridgewater from ECI for her video "What Can I Say?" (Teacher: Jon Krys)